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Answers For Your Business

Guidance On Your Path

At Intuitive Business Counsel, our business is helping you become a happier, healthier human being who also owns and operates a small business. In these changing and challenging times we can all use a little strategic guidance, support and encouragement.

Whether you need help dealing with the mental stress and anxiety in these challenging times or you need to totally change up your game to a higher-level, we’ve got solutions. The IBC is unlike most consulting practices that rely solely on the skills, knowledge and strategy, we rely on our intuitive guidance and experiences to find the right solution for your situation. Our “gut” feel is always on target and has been the number one reason for our success in helping our clients create the business and life they want.

Founded by David Boufford with a long track record of helping entrepreneurs turn their dreams into dollars, while growing happier, healthy personal lives AND creating a more profitable business. Our focus is helping you identify and resolve the challenges and obstacles you face day to day.

Professional Services

Bring us your biggest challenges, obstacles and frustrations and allow us to guide you to the best possible outcomes. We offer private consulting sessions and problem solving for entrepreneurs, executives and small business owners on a one-to-one basis both in person and remotely.

The Council Mastermind

To often entrepreneurs and small business executives and leaders have no one outside the organization to assist and guide them. TCM is a place where you will be supported by our team and the collective group of fellow business owners confidentially.

Amazing Results

While we’ve worked with companies from single-person startups to Fortune 500 executives and everything in between. Our sweet spot in helping small business owners and solo-entrepreneurs turn their ideas into income with a smile of the face and peace of mind.