All of These Results Were Intuitive Hits


“David created a new business model for us which has resulted in millions of dollars in business for Simple Truths and has positioned us as the most successful direct to consumer publisher on the internet.” —Dan Green,Executive Vice President, Simple Truths LLC., Naperville, IL



“Working with David helped us grow Nature’s Select Pet Food from one location to 55 in 30 states.  Our sales have gone from $250,000 to $10,000,000 per year. His vision along with his foundational marketing tools and strategies continue to fuel our growth.”  —Paul & Diana Cavanaugh, Nature’s Select Pet Food, Placentia, CA


“David Boufford = Magic. The best part is that he inspires you to be the magician. I had a dream but without a clear set of directions to achieve them.After fruitless outcomes from other coaches, consultants, and mentors David quickly set me on a clear path to success. In 12 months business is up 150% and we are currently adding new locations.  Want success…Get David!” –-Michael Desrochers, painPRO Therapeutics Inc., Vancouver, BC Canada


“In 10 minutes, David helped me remove a roadblock to a project that was stalled for over a year. His ability to see things unconventionally and with crystal clarity is a great asset to me and my business. Work with him and he will impact your business in a big way!”
Mitch Axelrod, CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer), Author, Speaker, Trainer, San Diego, CA


“David literally put me on the map! He helped me transition from a combat pilot in the military to living my dream as a full time professional speaker. I can always count on him to provide effective strategies and insight to move me forward to the next level. With his help, I went from Zero to Six figures as a speaker in just 12 months of making my transition into my own company!”  —Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour, Motivational Speaker,Atlanta, GA


“David Boufford’s guidance helped me build two large profitable email list of 190,000 and 300,000 subscribers which combined have generated well over $2.3 million in sales to date. Thanks David” —Doug Westmoreland, Founder,, Dallas, TX


“David Boufford is simply phenomenal. He’s helped me implement proven systems and tools to produce, market and sell my products and services to the world. I feel confident knowing that his practical, real-world experience is guiding me through my start up process. I highly recommend David’s services.”  —
Greta Sesheta, Actor, Author, Minister, Speaker, Los Angeles, CA

“I attribute a great deal of my success as an entrepreneur, speaker and story consultant to the wise business counsel of David Boufford. David has helped me to navigate through countless challenges and situations. He has shown himself to be a man of great character and sound judgment when nothing else will do. I proudly refer to him as my brother from another mother.” —
Dwight Pledger, Author, Coach, Professional Speaker & Trainer, Perris, CA

“David is a genius at taking people’s concepts and ideas about what it is they want to contribute to the world and putting them into marketable, tangible, monetizable forms!   He has the uncanny ability to recognize people’s skills, gifts and talents, package them, market them and get their products and services into the hands of people who really need them!   And he does it all with kindness, patience and a great deal of love.” —
Dr. Elizabeth Lambaer, Author, Wellness Coach, Speaker, Marina del Rey, CA

“David Boufford has been incredible to work with in the short amount of time he’s been helping us launch our new business.  I feel like we’ve moved light years ahead, gotten more done than we ever could have on our own.  In each call with him, ideas are flowing that we would have never thought of on our own.  I know this is the start of an amazing journey together!” —
Karin Volo, Author, CEO A Life with a Fabulous View, Inc., Stockholm, Sweden

“I don’t throw around the word ‘Genius’ too often but my experience with David Boufford proved to me that he really is one!In short order we went from concept to completion and sales because of his commitment to using only proven strategies that always work. The whole approach was pure GENIUS!You should hire him before your competition does!” —
Adam Christing, Author, Entertainer, Founder Clean Comedians, Whittier, CA